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The argument for the case of whether eggs are healthy or not has finally ended. The verdict? Eating eggs are actually good for the health. Experts claim that eggs contain the essential nutrients that the body needs to remain constantly healthy. While some prefer to eat eggs whole, others choose to remove the egg yolk since according to them, egg whites are what makes the egg a healthy food. Let's find out some of the health benefits that egg whites can offer.

A single egg contains up to 220mg cholesterol and that on the yolk alone. The cholesterol found in egg whites on the other hand are significantly low that if you eat them without the egg yolk, you can fulfill the body's cholesterol requirement without compromising your cardiovascular health.

We all know that eggs are high sources of protein, the highest among other dietary goods according to experts. That is the reason why bodybuilders eat a rich amount of this poultry product to boost up their muscular performance. Except if you are going to remove the egg yolk or cook the egg in oil or butter, you are actually going to receive an unadulterated amount of protein from the egg white.

Not only are egg whites low in cholesterol, they are also low in calorie. One egg only contains 70 calorie, so by removing the yolk that contains 54 calorie, you are only going to get 16 calorie. If you want to reduce the calorie content from any egg recipe you desire to prepare, an omelet for instance, remove the yolk from most of the eggs but not the white. That means for every three eggs you are going to use, take out the yolk from one.

One of the reasons why most people love to include eggs into their diet is that it is rich in protein but very low in fat. In fact, you will hardly get any amount of saturated, polyunsaturated or monounsaturated fat from a single egg with the yolk removed. You can also get a good amount of important nutrients from egg white alone including magnesium, calcium, selenium, phosphorus and a whole bunch of amino acids.

While egg whites are considered healthier than egg yolks, it doesn't necessarily mean that egg yolks are totally bad for the health. Egg yolks also contain a number of healthy nutrients so if you decide to eat them anyway, there is no problem at all. Just make sure you know how to calculate your daily nutrient needs and when enough is enough.

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Egg White Health Benefits

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This article was published on 2010/11/23