The Health Effects Of Egg

in Egg

Firstly, to invigorate the brain and promote the development of intelligence.
Egg yolk contains lecithin, triglycerides, cholesterol and yolk hormone, which play a significant role in the development of the body and the nervous system. After the lecithin is digested by the body, it can release out choline, while choline can improve the memory of human being.

Secondly, to control atherosclerosis.
U.S. nutritionists and medical experts use egg to prevent and treat atherosclerosis, and have obtained amazing and unexpected results. They extract lecithin from egg, walnut, and liver, and supply 4 to 6 tablespoons of lecithin to the patients with cardiovascular disease. After three months, the level of serum cholesterol in the patients' body is decreased significantly.

Thirdly, to protect the liver.
Egg protein can help repair the injury of liver tissue. And the lecithin contained in egg yolk not only can promote the regeneration of liver cells, but also can increase the content of plasma protein in human body, so as to enhance the metabolism and immune function of the body.

Fourthly, to prevent cancer.
Egg contains a large number of vitamin B2, which can broken down and oxidize the carcinogenic substances in the human body. Some trace elements in eggs, such as selenium and zinc, also have an anti-cancer effect. According to the analysis of human mortality caused by cancer in the world, it is found that the people who take in more selenium are less likely to die from cancer.

Fifthly, to slow down the aging process.
Egg contains almost all the nutrients which are essential to the human body. A lot of elderly people who enjoy a long life say that, the most important secret for longevity is to eat an egg every day. Many Chinese traditional dishes also take egg as one of the most important ingredient. What's more, when the egg is processed into salted eggs, the content of calcium will be increased significantly. As a result, it is particularly suitable for the people with calcium deficiency.
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The Health Effects Of Egg

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This article was published on 2011/01/19