What Shape Is Your Egg?

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Every product can be branded right? Branding is not only important, it's essential. And people spend thousands if not millions of dollars on branding. You have to make sure you brand your product so it stands out from the competition. But what if your product was an egg?

If you were told to describe an egg we would all describe the same thing, right? Oval shaped, white, hard shell, yolk on the inside. 'Cause all eggs look alike! Or do they? Can you imagine trying to sell a product that was exactly like everyone else's? Talk about competition!

Now if you think about it there are a few differences among eggs. You can buy brown eggs. You can buy organic eggs. But really at the end of the day its all an egg; especially on the inside. But every now and then you get an egg that is, well different. Look at the picture I attached. This egg came from my wife's chicken coop. Yeah we have chickens, but thats a whole other blog. This egg has broken the mold. You have to admit, it really doesn't look like much of an egg. It was so unique that we showed everyone, we talked to our friends, we showed our neighbors, I put pictures on Facebook, there were tweets about it, and I even took pictures of it. This egg was different!

Now think about your personal brand and your presence on the internet. I mean really think about it. What is making it different from the millions of other personal brands? Are people talking about it? Are they telling their friends, neighbors and associates? Are they talking about it on Facebook, Twitter or other social media sites? Are they taking pictures of it or using it as an example of something remarkable?

Unfortunately as much as we say that you can't judge a book by the cover that's exactly what people do when they get to your website or notice your personal brand. If it doesn't get their attention, solve a problem they have or entertain, they are moving on to a different egg or personal brand.

Let me give you one of the keys to creating a remarkable personal brand: You need to be able to show through your personal branding efforts what you can do for them, the customer. Your clients should be able to get the idea of how you can help them within the first minute of being on your site, reading your blog or engaging with you through social media. Focus on the benefits you are offering to your clients. If you can show your clients what you can do for them, they will stick with you forever!

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What Shape Is Your Egg?

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This article was published on 2010/12/03